About Sure Health Remedy


Dr. Clifford

Dear patients and others,

I am Dr. Clifford. As a retired general practitioner with more than thirty years of clinical experience, I have handed out my fair share of prescriptions for conventional pharmaceutical medicaments.

Many illnesses and conditions can only be treated using very specific and strict medication regimens. However, I have also always been a believer in natural and home remedies to treat some of the most common ailments and illnesses – and I made sure to advise my patients on treating certain conditions correspondingly. While working as a general practitioner, I have managed to pick up on very useful tips and tricks on home remedies for such ailments. Upon retirement, I decided to continue pursuing my passion in the field of medicine in a rather unconventional manner – building a website focused around natural and home remedies.

Knowing full well that GPs and specialists do not waste time to prescribe strong antibiotics, painkillers, and other drugs for very common illnesses that can easily be treated at home using over-the-counter natural remedies, I dedicated my time to finding and compiling the best natural home remedies on this website for you.

Thankfully, my experience and research prove that there is no need to even go to a doctor for the most common illnesses or conditions when you can create your own at-home treatment without having to consult a doctor and pay thousands of dollars. It’s amazing how much time and money you can save just by doing some research.

I am here to help you get better quicker, while keeping things economical and efficient!

Let’s stay healthy together!