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At-Home Remedies for Dog Breathing Problems and Canine Bronchitis

Dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages can potentially experience breathing problems, but unfortunately, breathing problems are most commonly associated with deep-chested dogs, including bulldogs, bullmastiffs, American pitbulls, and even smaller deep-chested dogs such as pugs and Boston terriers.

For these breeds, not only can everyday breathing problems and allergies be a problem, when they get canine bronchitis as a secondary infection from something called kennel cough, breathing problems can worsen and last longer.

If you want to help ease the pain and suffering of your struggling-to-breath pooch, review some of these all-natural at-home remedies to make it easier for them to breath, easier to pass mucus that can collect in their lungs, and in general help to keep their airways clean, so that breathing isn’t a laborious task.

Give your canine companion some honey and other oral treatments

Honey is a known respiratory reliever and works exceptionally well in dogs when combined with other additives, such as dandelion, which is rich in vitamins, licorice root, which helps to stop swelling in the respiratory cavity, and lemon, which can help stop lung spasms in dogs and humans.

Get your pooch a humidifier

Humidifiers are an excellent way to chase off bronchitis and a variety of other breathing problems in both dogs and humans and have been used for decades with exceptional results for both. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a good humidifier.

Simply place it on the ground near where your dog sleeps at night and/or during the day, and you should start to see some of the positive results within about a week or slightly less.

Remove your dog’s collar and anything else around her neck

Dogs with breathing problems can be seriously hampered breathing as a result of a collar, even if it isn’t on too tight. The issue is that it makes them feel restricted and therefore may worsen their cough and the ensuing spasms. For this reason, if you have a dog with serious, regular breathing challenges, consider outfitting them with a harness instead.

Keep your dog’s teeth clean

Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth can actually keep all kinds of infections at bay by ensuring that their oral health is good, which in turn will keep the heart and lungs in good health as well. You can make brushing your dog’s teeth a daily habit just before dinner time, and this will also help you do an up-close and personal check-in on how well your dog is breathing today.

Try LungGold Natural Lung Support for Dogs

LungGold is an all-natural supplement for dogs suffering from canine bronchitis and/or other respiratory difficulties. To overcome these breathing problems in dogs, LungGold’s patented formulation is a combination of natural herbs and Vitamin C, meaning you won’t have to concoct our own remedy from scratch.

LungGold was designed by a holistic veterinarian to boost resistance to harmful bacteria and viruses and reduce swelling in the bronchioles and bronchi, making it one of the most effective all-natural dog bronchitis remedies of its kind. It can be given regularly without causing issues for your dog—or even your cat—and each bottle will last you quite a while, making the inconsequential purchase not too painful to keep your pooch out of distress.

Last updated on March 28, 2020 9:09 am
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