Natural and Soothing Home Remedies for Non-Complicated Burns

What are Burns?

Burns – a household injury that is very common, especially in children, is characterized by skin damage that is so severe that causes the skin cells affected by the burn to die. Depending on the degree of the burn, they can range from light burns that can be treated relatively easy and have no long term consequences, to those that require immediate medical care, to prevent any long term consequences or even death in some cases. 

Classification and Symptoms of Burns

Burns are measured in four degrees, with the first one being the least serious and it is characterized by a reddish skin that is not blistered. The second-degree burns cause blisters, and the skin also thickens a little — the third-degree burns, which cause the skin to have a leathery and white appearance.  While the fourth-degree burns have all the symptoms of the third-degree burns, however, it goes on to the bones and tendons. 

Burns have different causes like; from hot liquids, chemical burns, electrical burns, excessive sun exposure, and fires. You can use home remedies for second-degree burns, but anything more than that requires immediate medical attention. So, how to treat burns?

Best Home Remedies for Burns

In cases where the immediate medical attention isn’t required, Ora’s All Purpose Salve helps enormously.

It contains cedar leaf, tea tree, rosemary antimicrobial essential oils, vitis vinifera, calendula, plantain, and comfrey. Many ointments tend to have a horrible smell and can be almost unbearable, but Ora’s All Purpose Salve has a soft fragrance. 

Using it is quite easy, you just need to massage a small amount in your skin and let it dry like that, after a very short period you will see the results for yourself.  Hundreds of people using this were very satisfied with the quality of this ointment. It helps not only with burns, but also scrapes, bruises, and bumps. You can also use it on extremely dry skin and scabies, as well as spots. It feels great on your skin and it is quite cheap, and therefore, it is a highly recommended product.


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