The Most Effective Home Remedies for DIY Teeth Whitening

How to Whiten Teeth

Many of us have had the problem with the fact that our teeth aren’t as white as we want them to be. Looking at movie stars on the TV, we see the glowing white smiles that they have, and we envy them. While, it is imperative to brush your teeth after every meal and floss regularly, that still isn’t enough to have white teeth. Sometimes it takes a little extra something to have the perfect smile. Staying away from drinks that stain like tea, coffee, and red wine. 


How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Whichever teeth whitening method you use, there will be a whitening agent that will work by penetrating the enamel of the teeth, reaching the parts of your tooth that are stained or discolored. At the dentist, this agent will be carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, both of which contain oxygen which is used to break the bonds of the stain molecules in the teeth enamel.

However, this is not something you can do at home, and in the sea of teeth whitening methods with potentially harmful chemicals, one stands out as a natural alternative – charcoal.

So, what is the best teeth whitening method? We have seen an array of products introduced to us, most of them simply don’t work or produce moderate results. 


Charcoal Teeth Whitening – Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

On the other hand, products like the Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Toothpaste have helped countless people reach the result that they want.

Charcoal teeth whitening is 100% natural and safe to use. This teeth whitening toothpaste doesn’t contain any chemicals or artificial colors, and it only contains all-natural ingredients like bamboo charcoal. It doesn’t hurt to know that it has the taste of regular toothpaste, and you will have a minty fresh breath throughout the day. Fighting, oral ulcers, dental plaque, bad breath, and whitening your teeth, Dental Teeth Whitener is the ultimate product that you must have in your household at all times.

A unanimous majority of reviews were positive and said that they had seen the results in a matter of days. You don’t have to waste hundreds of dollars in expensive teeth whiteners when you can buy this brilliant toothpaste for a very affordable price.

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There are many other safe choices to whiten your teeth at home, such as lifestyle and food choices. The best recommendations are to wash your teeth twice a day and use a whitening toothpaste.


Teeth Whitening at Home – Tips & Tricks

Tip #1

One of the most important things to keep in mind for white, healthy teeth is your diet. Your choice of drinks and food is the number one factor that impacts yellowing of the teeth. Foods and beverages that stain the teeth are sodas, tea, certain types of alcohol like wine, coffee and sugary foods. Avoid having the diet that contains foods and drinks that can stain your teeth.

Make sure to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, especially raw because some of them contain teeth whitening agents, like papayas, strawberries, lemon and pineapple, that help your teeth stay white.

 Tip #2

Brush your teeth using baking soda. Baking soda is usually one of the ingredients in actual toothpaste. It has a lot of whitening and exfoliating properties because it is an abrasive and can remove plaque. Apart from scrubbing away stains, it is also alkaline and helps create a less acidic environment in your mouth which prevents bacteria growth.

Tip #3

Wash your mouth out using apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and antiseptic properties and therefore prevents the growth of bacteria. Apart from keeping your mouth clean, apple cider vinegar can also bleach your teeth – but regular use isn’t recommended because recent studies have proven that apple cider vinegar can negatively affect your teeth by making them softer.

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