Home Remedies For Sore Throat

What causes a sore throat? It’s a common health ailment that is usually caused by such infections like strep throat or the flu. We’ve all experienced a sore throat⁠—it’s painful and very irritating. Most times, it makes it hard to swallow. Some causes of sore throat include smoking, bacterial infections, chronic sinusitis, and other common viruses. The good news is: this type of virus typically goes away within a week. But, if you can’t wait that long, here are some natural home remedies you can try that are most helpful for your suffering throat:

1.) Salt Water

Salt water is very useful in terms of killing bacteria, especially in the mouth. It may give you some relief, but not immediately. Although, again, salt water is absolutely effective for getting rid of any bacteria, loosening mucus, and diminishing your throat pain. You can take my word for it. Plus, it’s easy to make at home: just add half a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water (preferably 8 ounces), stir, and gargle for about 30 seconds. Do not swallow.

If you don’t feel like mixing up your own remedy, you can try this Sea Salt Mouth Rinse (that can also be used to help in the healing process of piercings) that acts as a mouthwash. It’s packed with minerals that speed up the recovery from several ailments. You can use it everyday if you please. It’ll also leave you with a minty-fresh breath!

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2.) Honey

I absolutely love honey. I love it in my tea, on my bread, and I especially love it for my sore throat. Not only is it sweet, but it’s also actually comprised of antibacterial properties that may help in easing the soreness of the throat. Honey is also known to be an efficient cough suppressant. Here’s how you can take this: prepare a warm glass or cup of water and add two tablespoons of honey. You may try the Solimo Raw Wildflower Honey for this remedy. You can mix this to your tea as well, along with a slice of lemon or a couple drops of lemon juice. Enjoy this treatment several times a day.

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3.) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar⁠—or ACV⁠—is popularly known for its versatility when taken. Some benefits are: lowering blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, different cosmetic purposes, preserving food…the list goes on. It has many antibacterial uses, too. According to a source, Apple Cider Vinegar is also beneficial in terms of fighting infections⁠—infections that can obviously lead to a sore throat.

Here’s how you can use this remedy: pour at least 1 to 2 tablespoons of ACV and dilute it in one cup of water. Test it first: take tiny sips of the concoction. When you’re used to the taste, take another small sip and gargle. Ideally, you should repeat this process once or twice per hour. Drinking water in between gargling sessions is highly recommended. And I also highly recommend using⁠—of course⁠—the Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for your mixture.

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4.) Chamomile Tea

I use Chamomile Tea for its calming effects. I always drink a cup before bed or at times when I feel anxious. Besides being a mild sleep-inducer, Chamomile Tea is also used for a number of medicinal purposes including—you guessed it—soothing a sore throat. It is an antioxidant and astringent all in one.

You can try this Dilmah Chamomile Tea with some honey or lemon. It’s a box of 20 individually-wrapped tea bags that has a great aroma to it, so inhaling it will feel like a treat. Drinking Chamomile Tea is an easy at-home remedy that you can take once or twice a day.

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5.) Drink Lots of Fluids

While this may sound like a far cry from a natural home remedy, drinking plenty of fluids like water is absolutely important. Yes, your throat may hurt from swallowing, but it is vital that you keep your throat’s mucus membranes hydrated for further healing. Keep those fluids coming at a temperature that you feel like your sore throat is most comfortable with. Consuming a sufficient amount of fluid ensures that you and your throat stay well-hydrated while healing.

Having a sore throat is uncomfortable and a bit of a nuisance. But, this is just your body’s immune response to any viral or bacterial infections. So, let your body do its thing with the help of the home remedies I just presented here. However, if your sore throat lasts for over a week and is severely painful, then it is always best to consult with a doctor.

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